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Whether you have it as a breakfast substitute to start your day or as a refreshing treat after lunch, sipping on a cup of homemade juice can be thirst-quenching and convenient. Besides being a refreshing (and energizing) drink, a homemade juice recipe is also easy to prepare! 

Below, you'll learn some of the best recipes for fresh juices you can try at home. You can also find some other important tips to help you create the perfect cup of juice for your needs.


The Best Green Juices - Recipe Ideas To Try At Home

Need to try green juices but you don’t exactly know where and how to start? There's no hard and fast rule for how to make healthy juices. But, if you need guidance when making one, the recipes below can be a good place to start your healthy journey.


1. Strawberry Apple Juice

Whole apple, whole red and sliced strawberries and apple juice on wooden table

Who can refuse the sweet temptation of strawberry apple juice on a hot summer day? And, because you need a lot of fiber and iron, tossing in a bunch of frozen spinach along into the Aura Portable Blender can be a great idea.


  • ½ cup fresh strawberries
  • ½ cup fresh apple
  • 2 cups frozen spinach 
  • 250 mL unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 tbsp honey

How to:

  1. Pour the unsweetened almond milk into your Aura Blender.
  2. Throw in the apple and strawberries.
  3. Add honey.
  4. Blend until smooth in the Aura Blender.


2. Tropical Fresh Ginger and Orange Juice

ginger and orange juice on wooden tray

You don't really fancy ginger's distinctive taste? Combining the spice with some ripe oranges will help you sneak in the nutritious antioxidant-rich ingredient into your diet. For added value, you can toss in the whey powder on your cupboard and turn the refreshing drink into an excellent pre-workout mix!


  • 2 cups orange slices
  • 250 mL almond milk 
  • 1 tbsp fresh ginger powder
  • 2 tbsp whey powder

    How to:

    1. Add your almond milk, followed by fresh ginger and whey powder.
    2. Add the fresh oranges.
    3. If you want a more refreshing green juice, throw in some ice cubes.
    4. Blend until smooth in the Aura Blender.


      3. Green Mango Juice

      mango juice in a transparent glass

      This frozen mango simple green juice recipe turns a handful of ordinary ingredients into a wonderful treat that is packed with vitamin C. Thanks to the added nutrition from chia seeds, you can easily make an antioxidant-packed drink to keep your body fit.


      • 2 cups fresh spinach
      • 2 cups frozen mango
      • 250 mL almond milk or coconut water
      • 2 tbsp chia seeds

      How to:

      1. Pour in the almond milk.
      2. Add the frozen fruit, followed by fresh spinach.
      3. Add chia seeds.
      4. Blend until smooth in the Aura Blender.

      Enjoy your refreshing juices or store your Aura Blender into an Aura Insulated Sleeve to keep it chilled for later.

      aura portable blender in an aura insulated sleeve on wooden table


      The Best Ingredients to Add Along Your Leafy Greens

      apples, lemons and oranges surrounding the aura portable blender on grass patch

      Once you have learned how easy it is to make your first juice recipe, don't be surprised if you find yourself making and drinking one every morning to get filled up and ready for the day. With all the nutritious ingredients and healthy fibers included, having juices in your healthy diet can do wonders for your body!

      And, to help you pick up the best ingredients for your fresh juice recipe, here are the fruits and healthy products to grab on your next weekly grocery shopping.

      1. Mango

      sliced and whole mangoes

      Mango is a legendary tropical fruit! It not only offers numerous health benefits but also adds a refreshing sweet and tangy flavor to any fresh juice recipe. The vitamins found inside this frozen fruit for maintaining a healthy immune system and keeping healthy skin.

      2. Pineapple

      sliced pineapple with juice

      Just like mango juices, fresh pineapple juice is a versatile staple that is commonly found in many kinds of juice bars. Fresh pineapple juice is an excellent source of bromelain and vitamins, which are crucial in fighting off viruses and diseases. And, its natural sweetness can help balance the weird taste of the leafy greens.

      3. Chia Seeds

      nutritious chia seeds on a spoon, close up

      These tiny seeds are loaded with fibers and nutrients, making them a perfect addition to your orange juice recipe for weight loss. These seeds also contain omega 3, which is believed to alleviate inflammation and maintain brain function. People also love chia seeds for their calcium and magnesium content.

      4. Kale

      kale leaves in a wooden bowl and wooden tray on table

      Over the past few years, kale has been dubbed a superfood by many. It is mainly because kale is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It is also packed with minerals, which is why experts recommend people include it in their daily diet plans.

      5. Coconut Milk

      coconut milk in a glass surrounded by coconut husks and coconut flesh

      The creamy texture and silky sensation of coconut milk are what make it a popular ingredient in many juices. It is best to use fresh, homemade coconut milk in your mix. But, if you can only find store-bought coconut milk, make sure it uses minimal sweeteners and preservatives.

      6. Banana

      sliced bananas in a white bowl with whole banana on green cloth

      Banana is known for its potassium content, which many believe to bring health benefits, including managing high blood pressure. And, when you combine frozen bananas with your fresh squeezed orange juice, it will help you create better-tasting and healthy juice recipes.

      7. Chard

      swiss chard leaves on plate

      You can use this leafy green vegetable if you want to substitute kale in your fresh orange juice recipes. Besides having a high fiber content and a wide range of vitamins, the refreshing green look of chard can also improve your appetite.

      8. Honey

      spoonful of natural honey pouring into white bowl

      For centuries, honey has been used as a natural sweetener, and no one should be stopping you from including it in your fruit juice as well! This antioxidant-packed ingredient will provide you with a tasty flavor and smooth texture in your juice recipes.

      9. Protein Powder

      vanilla whey powder and chocolate protein powder in scoops

      Protein powder can easily turn your fruit juice into an excellent pre-workout drink! A high-quality protein powder in your juice recipes should help you repair muscle tissues, which are damaged during weight training and exercises.


      Making Your Own Simple Green Juice Recipe: The Takeaway

      Do you want a wholesome breakfast as a foundation for your day? Or, are you craving a healthier treat to satisfy your sweet tooth? Simply grab the leafy greens you have inside your fridge and toss them into your Aura Blender along with the ingredients of your choice!

      If you are in need of some inspiration, the Free Aura Blender recipes above can be your way to go! And, if you want a reliable and easy-to-use tool to help you create your favorite drink green juice recipe, an Aura Portable Blender is what you really need.

      aura portable blender with fruits like sliced lemon, strawberries, apples and kiwi at a picnic

      Did you like these easy green juice recipes? For more recipe ideas, don't forget to check out other Free Aura Blender Recipes and get your very own Aura Portable Blender now!

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