BlendJet 2 Blender Review 2024 | Everything You Need to Know About Blend Jet

If you're looking for a portable blender, you may have come across the BlendJet 2, which comes in an array of fun colours. The BlendJet 2 is a small, wireless and battery-powered personal blender that makes single-serve smoothies and shakes on the go.

Is BlendJet 1 or 2 better?

BlendJet has ultimately discontinued the production of its original BlendJet 1. The BlendJet 2 has several improvements over its predecessor, which BlendJet says is "33% bigger, 5 times more powerful than the BlendJet One".

Here's a comparison of the BlendJet 2 vs BlendJet 1, including detailed BlendJet 2 prices & specifications:

  BlendJet 1 BlendJet 2
Blends Per 1 Hour Charge 10+ Blends 15+ Blends
Electric Motor 7.4V 5V
Blades 6-Point Stainless Steel Blade 6-Point Stainless Steel Blade


Free Worldwide Shipping


Free Returns

To decide whether the BlendJet 2 is worth getting, read on for a detailed summary of the design, quality, product specifications, and policies.

Blend Jet Price

If you're thinking about purchasing a BlendJet 2, it will cost you in the range of US$49.95 to US$69.95 per blender, depending on the design you want. The single solid-coloured blendjets are US$49.95, whereas patterned and metallic-coloured BlendJets are priced at US$69.95.

Please note that this is based on currency conversion at the time of writing, and prices tend to fluctuate from time to time due to currency exchange rate. It is worth noting that the prices stated on BlendJet's website are a visual estimate only. For anyone based outside of the US, you will be charged in USD + additional foreign currency transaction fees charged by your bank.

BlendJet 2 Reviews

There are several third-party sites that offer non-sponsored customer reviews of the Blend Jet 2. Click to read more:

Trustpilot Reviews 


BlendJet 2 Safety

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), BlendJet 2 is currently recalling 4.8 million blenders globally due to fire and laceration risks.

According to the CPSC, there have been 329 reports of blades breaking during use, 17 reports of the blender overheating or causing fires that resulted in property damage, 49 reports of minor burns, and one report of a laceration.

You can find more information below:

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Notice

CNN News

BlendJet 2 Dimensions

  • Height 23.7 cm (9.3")
  • Width 7.7 cm (3.0")
  • Depth 8.6 cm (3.4")
  • Capacity: 475 mL (16 oz)
  • Weight: 0.6 kg (1.3 lbs)

BlendJet 2 Material

The BlendJet 2 is fully constructed in plastic, including its jar and motor base. This means that you can make cold drinks with it, but can't use it for warm or hot blending.

The manufacturer states that they use 'BPA-free plastic'. However, studies show that a 'BPA-free' label may not mean a plastic product is safe and still carries the risk of leaching into food.

If you would like to blend warm drinks and don't fancy using a plastic blender for health reasons, you can consider alternatives made from food-safe borosilicate glass such as the Aura Portable Blender.

BlendJet 2 Design

The BlendJet 2 comes in a great selection of colours, from solids to patterns and metallics. It has a screw-on lid with a built-in rubber carrying strap.

There is no other bottom for the jar aside from its original motor base, meaning the blade assembly and motor base must remain attached when drinking directly from the blender.

BlendJet is designed in California and made in China as printed on its product.

BlendJet 2 Performance

According to test site, the BlendJet 2 is okay for making smoothies, although it needs to be shaken vigorously at the start to start blending. It has some trouble with leafy ingredients and may leave unprocessed chunks. The BlendJet 2 can blend frozen ingredients and ice, processing a maximum of 3-4 ice cubes at a time.

BlendJet 2 Cleaning

The BlendJet 2 is easy to clean. You can blend dish soap and water to clean the interior of the blender. states that soap may be caught under the seals, so you need to be extra careful. All components of the BlendJet 2 including its jar, lid and blades are not dishwasher-safe.

    Blend Jet Delivery

    BlendJet 2 is located in Benicia, CA in the United States. It takes between 1-2 weeks to be shipped anywhere outside of the USA. BlendJet does not cover customs fees, import duties, taxes or other charges and you may need to cover these costs on your own.

    Blend Jet Returns

    BlendJet has a 30-day return shipping policy and does not cover return shipping costs. The fine print on their website states that you will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs to their USA address if you want to return your item.

    Some local post offices do not allow shipping of battery-operated blenders overseas. This means you need to consider the more costly option of engaging a courier service, such as DHL or FedEx, to return your item.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can BlendJet blend frozen fruit?

    Yes, BlendJet can blend both frozen and fresh fruits and veggies.

    Can I put ice cubes in BlendJet 2?

    Yes, you can put ice in BlendJet 2. The BlendJet 2 processes a maximum of 3-4 ice cubes at a time, according to tests by Any more than that might jam the blades.

    Can you drink straight from a BlendJet?

    Yes, you can drink directly from the jar.

    How long do BlendJet last?

    BlendJet lasts for 15+ blends per full charge. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge.

    Can BlendJet go in fridge?

    No, BlendJet cannot go in the fridge as this will damage the internal components such as the battery.

    Is the BlendJet 2 made of glass?

    No, BlendJet 2 is made of plastic.

    What is better than BlendJet?

    The Aura Portable Blender is a better blender than the BlendJet 2 for most uses and in terms of build quality. It also comes with an additional lid attachment which allows you to convert it to a lightweight drinking bottle.

      BlendJet 2 vs Aura Blender

      BlendJet 2 (left) vs Aura Blender (right)

      The Aura Blender is a highly rated portable blender that has been featured on Kitchen Rank and Money Digest due to its outstanding quality. Here's a breakdown showing how the Blend Jet 2 stacks up against the Aura Blender. 

      You can also read our detailed comparison of BlendJet 2 vs Aura Blender.


      BlendJet 2

      Aura Blender
      Price (USD) US$49.95-69.95 US$65.90
      Technology TurboJet Technology AuraVortex Blending Technology 
      Blending Speed in RPM (rotations per minute) 16,500 RPM (275 spins per second) 25,000 RPM (417 spins per second)
      Blends Per 1 Hour Charge 15+ Blends 15+ Blends
      Capacity 475 mL (16 oz) 480 mL (16.2 oz)
      Electric Motor 5V  7.4V
      Blades 6-Point Serrated Stainless Steel Blades 6-Point Serrated Stainless Steel Blades
      Crushes Ice



      Wireless Use



      USB Charging






      Safety Lock



      Dishwasher Safe


      Convertible to Bottle


      Material Plastic AuraXtreme™ Borosilicate Glass
      Warranty 1-3 year warranty chargeable at extra US$3.99, US$6.99, or US$10.99 respectively Free 1 Year Warranty
      Free Worldwide Shipping



      Free Returns

      ❌ (buyer pays own return shipping)


      100% Money-Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days

      Ready to blend anywhere? Get your portable blender now.

      *Last updated: 26 February 2024

      Disclaimer: This post is an independently written informational review and we are not associated with the BlendJet company.

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